International websites  
Human Rights Watch  
Programme on Governance in the Arab Region  
Amnesty International  
The Fund for Global Human Rights  
Human Rights Education Association  
United Nation World Food Programme  
Equality Now  
Executive Service Corps of Washington  
Women's Environment and Development Organization  
  Regional websites  
Arab Centre for information and sources on Violence against Women-Amaan  
General Women Union  
Women's Renaissance Foundation  
Jordanian National Commission for Women  
National Centre for Human Rights  
Bahrain Women Society  
Information Centre for Women and Children  
Saudi Human Rights Center  
The Sudanese Women General Union  
Syria's Women  
The National Foundation for Civil Society and Iraqi's Rights  
Women against Violence  
Women's Rights Monitor  
Libya watch Organization  
Algeria Illiteracy Elimination Foundation "Akraa"  
Palestine Save the Children Foundation  
  Local websites  
Technical Information Support  
Heshame Mubrak Law Center  
South Center for Human Rights  
Foundation of Small and Medium Industries  
Egyptian NGO Support Center  
Resala for Charity Work  
Youth Association for Population and Development  
The National Council for Motherhood  
The National Council for Childhood and Motherhood  
Social Fund for Development  
Women's role in Family planning  
Association for Health and Environmental Development  
Dialog Forum for Development and Human Rights  
Better life Association for Comprehensive Development  
The Egyptian Center for Women Rights  
The Arab Center for Judiciary and Lawyers Independence  
Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies  
Land Center for Human Rights  
Development Support Center for Consultancy and Training-DSC  
Habi Center for Environmental Rights  
Arab Office for Law  
The Association for Human Rights Legal Aid  
The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement  
The Association for Human Rights Legal Aid  
The Arab program for Human Rights Activists  
Foundation of Environment Protection from Pollution  
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